IntelWATT aims to develop innovative, cost efficient, smart separation technologies applied in energy and water intensive industries. The goal of the project is to demonstrate 3 TRL7 case studies that will achieve water preservation along with energy production and material recovery. Tailor made sensors and automated decision making mechanisms will optimize the process conditions in real time. The case studies will be implemented in crucial EU and global industrial applications such as electricity production, mining and metal plating.


The intelWATT project aspires to provide an integrated water management concept for the water reuse and preservation for energy intensive industries. This approach takes under consideration future directives and restrictions concerning water abstraction and material use, as well as the business plans and potential further related activities of the involved sectors. To ensure that this is applicable and satisfies real demands, a precise analysis of water usage in the industrial processes will be performed. Machine learning, incorporated to intelWATT’s proposed demonstrative units, will effectively control and optimize their operation after training, taking as feedback, not only the smart sensors data but also key production requirement indexes, as well as, energy and water consumption restrictions.


The proposed solutions will also target at zero liquid discharge while implementing maximum water reuse. Tailor made sensors and automated decision-making mechanisms will optimize the process conditions in real time. The project will implement smart sensor technology for online monitoring, real time process adaptation and deep learning, with customizable intelligent industrial process software module based on an agnostic protocol connectivity cloud infrastructure.