Scientific Publications

  • Direct experimental comparison of batch reverse osmosis (RO) technologies

    AUTHORS: Ebrahim Hosseinipour, Philip Andrew Davies

    ScienceDirect 2024, Volume 583

  • Bridging the Implementation Gap between Pomace Waste and Large-Scale Baker’s Yeast Production

    AUTHORS: Josipa Lisičar Vukušić, Thomas Millenautzki and Stéphan Barbe

    AgriEngineering 2023, 5(4), 2238-2252 |

  • Artificial water channels-embedded PVDF membranes for direct contact membrane distillation and ultrafiltration

    Front. Membr. Sci. Technol., 23 October 2023 Sec. Membrane Formation and Structure Volume 2 – 2023 |
  • Green Methods for the Fabrication of Graphene Oxide Membranes: From Graphite to Membranes

    Membranes 202313(4), 429;

  • Permselectivity and Ionic Conductivity Study of Na+ and Br Ions in Graphene Oxide-Based Membranes for Redox Flow Batteries

    Special Issue Proton-Conducting Membranes – 2nd Edition) |

  • Scalable and highly selective graphene-based ion-exchange membranes with tunable permselectivity

    Anna Aixalà-Perelló, Alessandro Pedico, Marco Laurenti, Enrica Fontananova, Sergio Bocchini, Ivan Vito Ferrari & Andrea Lamberti.

    npj 2D Materials and Applications volume 7, Article number: 46 (2023) |

  • State-of-the-art review of porous polymer membrane formation characterization—How numerical and experimental approaches dovetail to drive innovation

    Sven Johann Bohr, Fei Wang, Michael Metze, Josipa Lisičar Vukušić, Andreas Sapalidis, Mathias Ulbricht, Britta Nestler and Stéphan Barbe

    Front. Sustain., 08 February 2023 Sec. Sustainable Chemical Process Design Volume 4 – 2023 |

  • Energy duty in direct contact membrane distillation of hypersaline brines operating at the water-energy nexus

    Enrica Fontananova, Valentina Grosso, Elvira Pantuso, Laura Donato, Gianluca Di Profio.

    Journal of Membrane Science 676 (2023) 121585

  • Hybrid semi-batch/batch reverse osmosis (HSBRO) for use in zero liquid discharge (ZLD) applications.

    Ebrahim Hosseinipour, Somayeh Karimi, Stéphan Barbe, Kiho Park, Philip A.Davies.

    Desalination Volume 544, 15 December 2022, 116126

  • A Reverse Osmosis Process to Recover and Recycle Trivalent Chromium from Electroplating Wastewater.

    Roxanne Engstler, Jan Reipert, Somayeh Karimi, Josipa Lisičar Vukušić, Felix Heinzler, Philip Davies, Mathias Ulbricht and Stéphan Barbe

    Membranes 2022, 12(9), 853;

  • Superhydrophobic nanoparticle-coated PVDF–HFP membranes with enhanced flux, anti-fouling and anti-wetting performance for direct contact membrane distillation-based desalination.

    Ioannis Tournis, Dimitris Tsiourvas, Zili Sideratou, Lamprini G Boutsika, Aggeliki Papavasiliou, Nikos K Boukos, Andreas A Sapalidis.

    Environ. Sci.: Water Res. Technol., 2022, 8, 2373-2380,

Conference Proceedings


    Salts recovery from mining tailings brines by membrane-assisted crystallization

    E. Pantuso, V. Grosso, L. Donato, E. Esposito, E. Fontananova, G. Di Profio

    Book of abstract


    • Advances in Membrane-assisted crystallization for biomolecules purification

    Keynote – Gianluca Di Profio

    • Water and salt recovery from mining brines by membrane-assisted crystallization

    (oral presentation – Elvira Pantuso, Valentina Grosso, Laura Donato, Enrica Fontananova, Gianluca Di Profio)

    • Energetic penalty for water recovery from mining brine by direct contact membrane distillation (poster)

    Grosso Valentina, Pantuso Elvira, Donato Laura, Di Profio Gianluca, Fontananova Enrica

    • Artificial Water Channels-toward Biomimetic Membranes for Desalination (Mihail Barboiu)
    • Experimental design of a lab-scale nanofiltration system for the treatment of cooling tower blow down water of thermal power plants

    Scoullos Iosif Marios, Dhakal Nirajan, Ekowati Yuli, van den Eijnde Tuur, Moutafis Ipek, Tournis Ioannis, Kouvelos Evangelos, Sapalidis Andreas

    • Nanoparticles for membrane performance enhancement

     Andreas A. Sapalidis

    • Dendritic polymer functionalized carbon nanodiscs as additives for water treatment membranes

    Tournis Ioannis, Lyra Kyriaki Marina, Sideratou Zili,Katsaros Fotios K.,Sakellis Elias, Boutsika Lamprini G., Papavasiliou Aggeliki and Sapalidis Andreas A.

    1. Cr(III) recovery and water reclamation from electroplating industry effluents

    Moutafis Ipek, Engstler Roxanne, Tournis Ioannis, Fahling Felix Johannes, Scoullos Iosif Marios, Kouvelos Evangelos, Barbe Stephan, Athanasekou Chrysoula, Sapalidis Andreas

    • From hollow fibre to flat sheet – How to develop membranes with similar properties and different shapes

    Bohr Sven Johann, Tournis Ioannis, Sapalidis Andreas, Barbe Stéphan

    • Study of spinning parameters of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) hollow fiber membranes preparation for membrane distillation

    Tournis Ioannis, Theodorakopoulos George V., Karousos Dionysios S., Boutsika Lamprini G., Kouvelos Evangelos P., Sapalidis Andreas A.

    • Pre-Treatment Adsorption Methods of Reverse Osmosis for Removal of Surfactants and Organic Compounds from Electroplating Wastewater

    Moutafis Ipeka,c, Engstler Roxanneb, Fahling Felix Johannesb, Scoullos Iosif Mariosa, Kouvelos Evangelosa, Favvas Evangelosa, Barbe Stephanb, Sapalidis Andreas

    • Improvements in membrane distillation towards brine concentration

    Zaragoza Guillermo, Andrés-Mañas Juan Antonio, Requena Isabel

    • Evaluation of membranes performance for the treatment of high salinity sources with membrane distillation

    Andrés-Mañas Juan Antonio, Requena Isabel, Aparicio Fernando, Zaragoza Guillermo

    Book of abstract >>

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