06 July 2021

The business plan foreseen for the IntelWATT project sets as its ultimate deliverable the creation of an industrial symbiosis flow sheet along with the roadmap to achieve its large-scale realization and commercialization.

The plan differs depending on the partners being research organizations, technology providers, technology integrators, and technology or product end-users such as water utility operators or water intensive industry. All of the IntelWATT partners will have an individual exploitation and business plan which stands alone but also relies on and fortifies the business plans of the other partners. To allow for a large-scale penetration of the technology, the partners have been carefully selected having already a dedicated EU and worldwide network. As such, each of the partners has European and worldwide ambitions for direct commercialization or licensing of their technologies and products.

IntelWATT business plan relies on a strong market penetration comprising amongst its partners SMEs who already operate in many countries, holding a very large worldwide network of clients, from which the consortium will certainly benefit. Moreover, the consortium aims the WWTP manufacturers as well as the membrane industry, for the penetration of the project’s outcomes in the end-user market in chemical and energy intensive sectors.

For example, Nijhuis Water Technologies has already successfully implemented numerous full-scale installations in the wastewater sector with excellent referee reports from its clients, including various large multinational companies. This has often led to a close relationship with the customer, allowing to propose, at the right time, the upgrade of the plant for the production of membranes and ion exchange resins with the aim of reducing fresh water intake and substance depletion.

The industrial partners will utilise their network experience in market intelligence and  support the business partners and the research institutes partnering in the project to realize a successful definition of their business plans relying on the outcomes of the project. The business plan will be regularly updated, where a network of experts, and a range of stakeholders, will be identified.