20 December 2022

The intelWATT project was recently showcased at the 10th International Congress of Food Technologists, Biotechnologists and Nutritionists. Josipa Lisičar Vukušić, partner of the project from TH Koeln, presented a case study on the simultaneous recovery of metals and treatment of wastewater in plastic electroplating production, written together with R. Engstler1, J. S. Bohr, P. A. Davies, A. Sapalidis and S. Barbe.

With water being the most extensively used raw material for the production of high-value products, the intelWATT project focuses on combining freshwater preservation with resource recovery and energy conversion based on the circular economy concept.

The intelWATT project’s innovative approach to water treatment technology has the potential to revolutionize the industry’s current practices and make a significant impact on preserving and conserving freshwater resources. The project’s participation in the conference and inclusion in the proceedings book serves as a testament to its progress and commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.