Do you have a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and/or Land Security Engineering, Energy Engineering?

If your answer is “yes” then we want you to know that intelWATT Project Partner CNR-ITM is looking for a post-doctoral researcher for carrying out research activities as part of the “Intelligent Water Treatment Project Technologies for water preservation combined with simultaneous energy production and material recovery in energy intensive industries” (intelWATT).

The CNR-ITM is a research institute based in Italy that is looking for a post-doctoral researcher with a background in Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. Some of the areas of interest include gasification, energy efficiency, sustainable fuels and water treatment. The successful candidate will be working on the development of new materials and processes for the production of renewable energies.

Other qualifications include:

  • Doctorate of minimum three years;
  • Experience within the thematic as per art. 1 declared by the instruction in art. 4 (see attachment);
  • English proficiency;
  • Italian proficiency (only for foreign applicants).

Applications, which must use the attached form (attachment A), should be sent to the Institute of Membranes Technologies, ITM-CNR, exclusively by Posta Elettronica Certificata – PEC to the email address: by the final deadline of September 21st 2022. Emails must have as subject: ITM.ASS.012.2022.CS and the theme.

Foreigner candidates can send the application via simple email to the email address: and then sign it during the oral selection. To these applicants will be sent an email to confirm the receipt of the documents.

Download the document for full details!