28 November 2023

We’re excited to spotlight the exceptional work of Saeideh Farzaneh Kalourazi, a dedicated Research Assistant at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), contributing significantly to the IntelWATT Project in an exchange opportunity with TH Köln.

Saeideh’s primary focus revolves around simulating phase separation and spinodal decomposition during membrane formation. At TH Köln, a series of experiments are underway, delving into the intricacies of membrane formation. The team is testing different concentrations of polymer, solvent, and non-solvent to unravel key insights.

The journey doesn’t stop there. The IntelWATT Project emphasizes a seamless collaboration between experimentation and simulation. After the experiments at TH Köln, the next crucial step involves validating these real-world experiments through simulations at KIT. This dual approach ensures the accuracy and robustness of our findings, paving the way for cutting-edge advancements in water treatment technology.

As we continue these groundbreaking experiments and simulations, stay tuned for more updates on how IntelWATT is shaping the future of water treatment. Together, we are advancing towards a more sustainable and water-resilient world.