30 September 2022

The Research Group of Materials and Processes for Micro-and Nano-Technologies (MPMNT) of the Department of Applied Science and Technology – DISAT – of the Turin Polytechnic, in collaboration with the Center for Future Technologies and Sustainable Technologies (CSFT) of the Italian Institute of Turin, and the University of Turin organized a booth dedicated to their research activity during the European Researchers’ Night held in September 30th, 2022.

The activities carried out in these themes were related to electrochemistry, a scientific material that encompasses the processes of synthesis, the study of the properties of the materials and their chemical and physical characterization once applied for a sustainable future. In particular, the activities within energy and the environment focus on the recovery of electricity from continuous sources, such as the sun, or the processes of emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) and their storage in poor conditions of storing alternatives to batteries, that is, super capacitors. Also intelWATT project was presented.