06 July 2023

We are thrilled to announce a significant achievement for the IntelWATT Project with the publication of an innovative scientific paper titled “Scalable and highly selective graphene-based ion-exchange membranes with tunable permselectivity.”

This groundbreaking research focuses on the development of scalable graphene oxide (GO) membranes as ion-exchange membranes with tunable permselectivity. GO membranes have demonstrated excellent ion selectivity due to the presence of oxidized functional groups on their surface. This, combined with their favorable mechanical strength, low cost, and simple synthesis, positions GO as a promising alternative to expensive conventional polymers for ion-exchange membrane production.

The paper delves into the investigation of the physicochemical properties of GO membranes using advanced characterization techniques. The results reveal that these membranes exhibit remarkable ion selectivity and size exclusion towards monovalent cations, achieving an impressive permselectivity of up to 96%. Additionally, the study explores the utilization of UV-light irradiation as a green reduction method, enhancing the permselectivity by reducing the dimension of nanochannels and decreasing membrane swelling.

To access the full scientific paper and delve into the fascinating details of this research, please follow the link provided >>