04 October 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the IntelWATT Project has achieved a significant milestone by being featured in the EU Innovation Radar. This recognition is a testament to the innovative spirit and groundbreaking work of our project partners.

The EU Innovation Radar, an initiative by the European Commission, aims to identify and showcase high-potential innovations and innovators that have emerged from EU-funded research and innovation projects. This platform serves as a beacon for cutting-edge developments that have the potential to shape industries, improve lives, and drive economic growth.

IntelWATT’s inclusion in the EU Innovation Radar is a testament to the project’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of water treatment technologies. Our mission is to develop intelligent, sustainable, and scalable solutions that address critical water management challenges while adhering to the principles of the circular economy.

We extend our gratitude to our partners, researchers, and all those who have contributed to the IntelWATT Project’s success. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and making a positive difference in the world of water treatment.

Stay tuned for more updates as we leverage this recognition to further our mission and drive positive change in water management and resource recovery.

To explore the IntelWATT Project’s innovation on the EU Innovation Radar, please visit the following link.